FTV Girls Brooke


This supercute teen visits us from Ohio, and has never done anything like this before! We interview her at a restaurant, then she flashes at the busy place… and strips down at a public office area and masturbates! Using her fingers, she is able to have a nice, natural orgasm. Notice those strong vaginal contractions, and how her toes curl up with pleasure! She starts feeling free and walking around totally naked out there… Then in a super sexy black dress & heels, she flashes us some more, and takes her panties off giving us upskirt views at a fancy fashion center! It may look like a fashion shoot to passersby, but you get to see a lot more! She then takes her heels off, plays in a water fountain, and runs butt naked everywhere! Finding a safer spot outdoors, she uses a vibrator for the first time in her life, and has another, stronger orgasm… and stronger vaginal reactions to the toy! Later, in a skin-tight blue dress, she finds another risky office area to sneak in, and play around with the red poles, dance a bit, and show off her flexibility. Off to a park, she’s doing cartwheels, backstands and all sorts of acrobatics! Feeling free to get naked, she risks being nude to show off her skills and her sexy figure in her birthday suit. She even finds fruits to eat… Then some more fingering on a front porch of someone’s house… she loves getting frisky outdoors! Back home, she tries fingering herself with 3 to 4 fingers, then tries taking on a big dildo, though she’s too tight! Why not play with the vibraking toy, and it pushes her to her sexual limits, bringing her to one last super strong orgasm, that has some orgasmic ‘aftershocks’ to her vagina even after she’s done. Some breast and butt massage action in the bedroom is next… Then a little dinner and sexy interview continues, with a finish poolside as we watch her tan in the nude. What a cute butt! She’s a total First Time Video Girl, experiencing everything for the first time, and she’s exclusive to FTV!

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