Danielle FTV Thanksgiving Struffing


I’ve never noticed how clear everything is in HD. It could also be that the lighting was really good so it showed everything. Little pieces of lint kept coming off my dress and would end up on my fingers or the corn on the cob or down there. It was slightly annoying. There was a headress that went with the costume but honestly I don’t think it looked very good on me. Love Bug was absolutely adorable in her little turkey costume. She’s like her mommy…she loves to dress up in costume. She seemed to have a lot of fun shooting this with me (she was made for the camera). When I bought the corn on the cob I tried to pick the thinnest one possible but apparently it wasn’t thin enough. I mean I almost got the whole corn on the cob in me but I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t too comfortable. I wonder if this would be considered “extreme”? For me it was pretty extreme. Rubbing it against my clit was amazing though. The bumpy texture was something I haven’t really felt before and I really liked it.

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