FTV Girls Stephine


She’s a sweet, personable girl who truly brings the fun out of Summer!  We watch her come home and undress from her street clothes, and take a shower… washing her hair, lathering her body, and shaving her legs & private parts.  Drying herself up, she fixes her hair and puts on some casual makeup before heading out.  In a short skirt and seethrough top, she walks about a golf course and gets playful with our assistant flashing and rubbing herself between her legs.  Going home, she masturbates with her finger, rubbing hard until she has an orgasm… but then continues on in several different positions until she has a second one!  A little flashing at a restaurant, then more at a park as she gets very feisty and playful (risking a lot of attention!)  More finger rubbing in the back yard… and then a trip to the grocery store for more flashing (and to buy a zucchini).  Time for some sexy lingerie & heels, and its some deep penetration with the zucchini until she’s ready to masturbate again.  This time starting with a pink toy, then finishing with her fingers.  Then some sun tanning & closeups with the assistant… and a little nude yoga bonus extra 🙂

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