FTV Girls Luisa


Following her at a busy mall, the first thing we notice is those breasts & ass! Â Big, firm, Natural Breasts. Â A must-see topless, we see her in a corner, lifting up her shirt, smiling at us… all the while people are nearby. Â Getting her to take all her clothes off at this mall was easy, and she flashed it all during the photoshoot. Â Going home, she surprises us with the use of 3 toys, and masturbates for a long time, having multiple orgasms, and leaking milky cum by the end! Â She gets to play with Alison’s breasts and compare… Later in the day she starts drooling over her breasts and squeezes them hard, and flashes us at a restaurant. Â Finding a semi-remote location behind the restaurant, she starts masturbating in a black dress & heels, while a few people catch her in the act. Â Going home, she masturbates with two toys again, this time double-penetrating herself with some anal. Â Then we are treated to a hard breast massage from all angles, and some kinky strapping of the breasts with her sexy lacy shoes. Â In pigtails we see how flexible she is, spreading wide and masturbating twice over to another strong orgasm. Â For a finale, she shows off her gymnastic skills and does the craziest backbend…

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