FTV Girls Kate


This fun bubbly sweetheart is a college girl who has discovered how fun it is to show off her firm naked figure! Visiting a busy park, she takes her panties off and starts playing with herself… after getting peoples’ attention she returns home and goes completely naked. We follow her around the kitchen, then to the bedroom. She masturbates and checks herself out in the mirror, using a vibrator and having multiple orgsams. Strong multiple contractions show off how much she enjoys it! At a restaurant, she does an interview, then flashes her breasts and spreads while people are eating, even going behind the counter butt naked! Then she masturbates again, with a strong milky orgasm. Some extreme closeups of her private parts, and spreading, then pink panty stuffing. Finally, in a purple nightie she uses a toy to pound herself hard and fast, for one last orgasm. Great personality, fun loving smiles!

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