FTV Girls Cassidy


We meet this sexy redhead at the FTV house, where she shows off all the cute clothes she’s brought with her, and explains how she’s never even done nudes before. Warming up with a striptease down from her casual clothes, she then puts on a sexy blue dress & heels. She looks so hot walking in that outfit at a resort, and we catch glimpses up her skirt. Panties come off, she spreads at that resort, and notice how wet she is down there! Some milky juices build up as she teases for the camera, and then she takes everything off, and risks getting caught… walking in the nude down the hallway. Back home, she uses her own vibrator, then a stronger one to come to a nice, natural orgasm (hard, strong vaginal contractions!). She’s really wet then, and she plays with her juices as she fingers herself (notice the wet sounds it makes). On the second day, she’s wearing a summer dress & walks around a park & golf course, once again spreading and giving us upskirt views. This time she isn’t as lucky though, as she gets all naked by the pond, and gets caught doing it! Finding another public location, she uses her new favorite toy and masturbates with it… nervously in this open area in front of a busy street. Going back inside, she gives herself a nice hard breast & butt massage, notice how firm and perfect her breasts are. She has a little light pubic patch — she goes to the shower, and lathers her vagina, then shaves for us in close detail. Then we get some extreme closeups of her private parts and clitoris after its shaven. Later in the day, she’s wearing another sexy black dress, with heels to match, and poses for the camera, notice her flexibility! Using the vibraking toy, she ends up having a very strong orgasm, and gets so wet that she starts stuffing four fingers inside her. She’s a total first timer, and FTV only!

Originally Syndicated via RSS from Topless Cuties