FTV Girls Allison


A beautiful blonde in a park… wearing a skimpy light summer dress walks by and starts revealing her assets at a park bench.  She plays with her large breasts, then rubs her private parts until she gets some attention from the neighbors.  She finds a more quiet spot at the park, and masturbates with a toy to a very nice, strong orgasm.  She then flashes her breasts at a gas station, and washes her pretty feet at the pool.  We then see how incredibly extreme she is, when she takes a large vibrator, then a second, and puts both in her vagina, deep!  Then takes one anally & vaginally… taking a double ended long toy, she takes both ends into her vagina, bending it inwards until it goes missing!  An incredible must-see.  Then double penetrating herself with the same toy, and trying to see how deep she can push the long toy into her butt.  Wearing a sexy outfit, she strips down quickly for a breast massage, then takes a wine bottle and pushes it in deep, down to the base!  Using it like a toy, then opening up the bottle and pouring a glass while still inside her!  Quite a uniquely erotic video.  Then it gets even more extreme, perhaps the most extreme on FTV ever.  She takes the Big Pink toy, and pushes it in deep, then taking two more large vibrators and stuffing them inside!  Three toys, all large… and then comes a fourth!?!  Stretched out to the max.  This only turns her on more, so she heads over to a comfortable place to masturbate… and has the strongest, longest orgasm of the day.  Her whole body quivers…  Later that night, she takes a ride on the FTV Toy, taking it as deep as she can, then doing a long, rough and deep right on the FTV Monster!  After her climax, she does something no FTV girl has ever done… Double penetrating herself with the FTV Monster Toy and the Big Ten toy at the same time… oh my.

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