Alison Angel Countdown To The SuperBowl XLII


Super Bowl XLII is here! Its down to the final two teams of the New York Giants and the New England Patriots.  Lia is a Giants fan, and I am rooting for the Patriots. But I didn’t know we would be doing a superbowl shoot so I didn’t bring a Patriots Jersey with me, so I am sporting a Arizona Cardinals jersey since the superbowl is going on at their stadium. Lia and I play a little bit of touch football out in a grassy area we have found vacant.  Of course there is always the chance of getting caught, but who could yell at two cute girls running around in pigtails and football jerseys? The pictures turned out really cute, there is always a good chemistry when Lia and I shoot together. I hold Lia down is the grass and kiss her, and she pins me down too and kisses me and my breasts, this football game is definitely intimate!

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