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  • FTV Girls Tessa

    FTV Girls Tessa

      Leggy, sexy, with a very sensual look, she’s experiencing getting adult work for the first time.  We see her comfy in the bed, as she wakes up, stretches, and gives us that sensual smile.  She then changes in front […]

  • FTV Girls Francis

    FTV Girls Francis

      This cute girl wanted to do FTV, a total first timer with no experience getting naked whatsoever.  She was very shy about the experience, and wasn’t even sure if she could masturbate on camera.  After meeting her on a […]

  • Danielle FTV Splash and Squirt

    Danielle FTV Splash and Squirt

      No this isn’t my squirting video…but it’s close enough! I’ve always wanted to try playing with a water hose ever since assisting Emily’s FTVGirls shoot. I absolutely love my pink top that I was wearing. That is actually the […]

  • FTV Girls Rilee and Sara

    FTV Girls Rilee and Sara

      Supercute petite teen Rilee has her best friend, Sara, who also wanted to do FTV… so why not bring her over with her??  To find out that they have experienced each other before, being both girls’ first time with […]

  • FTV Girls Katie

    FTV Girls Katie

      Pouty looking girl with full rosy lips, she looks like she should be playing the part of Snow White!  We watch her as she orders food at a restaurant, giving us upskirt views.  She then goes to the restroom, […]

  • Teen Gives Outdoor Blowjob

    Teen Gives Outdoor Blowjob

    It’s hard not to imagine what a teenie with a mouth like this horny brunette’s would suck like when you first meet her. This guy had his dream come true by coming by at just the right moment. She wasn’t […]

  • Saucy Teen Bares Big Tits

    Saucy Teen Bares Big Tits

    Hot little Lucie is such a girl next door looking type. Of course most guys only wish the girls next door were built like her and just as naughty as she. She is a tiny bit nervous in this movie […]

  • Naughty Teen Free Time

    Naughty Teen Free Time

    It’s a long lazy afternoon for this dirty teenager and she has the entire house to herself. There’s nothing on tv but this lovely girl has her own amusements in mind anyway. Theres never enough time to fuck and this […]

  • Teen Pussy Closeup

    Teen Pussy Closeup

    That tiny twat looks barely lare enough to take a finger in this teenie slit closeup but this babe has some surprises in store wth that stretchy wet pussy. She loves to suck and loves to fuck more and this […]

  • Teen Chloe Fucks on the Rebound

    Teen Chloe Fucks on the Rebound

    Sometimes being a good wingman is knowing when it’s time to go it on your own. Like what happens to this guy when he helps a buddy out: My buddy calls me up all upset because his girl broke up […]